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Some important things, users must know!


Question: "Does unused bandwidth get transferred to the next month?"
Answer:    " No, bandwidth does not carry over from one month to the next!"

Question:  "When does the counters reset?
Answer:    "All bandwidth counters reset on the 28th of every month!"




How do I ... Restart my Router when a connection is not available?

You must remove the  the power supply to the outdoor router for about 30 seconds and plug it back again, it will then reboot and establish the connection if available.

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How do I read my email from another computer or internet cafe?

Go to, click on the webmail shortcut on the left. Your username = your email address, the password = as supplied. If you lost your password please send an email to

Resetting your password may take up to 1 working day!


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    What does a UPS do ?

a UPS is typically used to protect computers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss. UPS units come in sizes ranging from units which will back up a single computer without monitor (around 200 VA) to units which will power entire data centers or buildings (several megawatts).

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Bandwidth and Units of measure!!!!

You will often see bandwidth and transfer speed quoted in two different units: kilobits per second, abbreviated kbps or Kb/s, and kilobytes per second, abbreviated KB/s. The difference between the two units is the number of bits in a byte, which is 8. The small 'b' stands for bits, and the big 'B' stands for bytes. Transfer speeds are often shown in KB/s, and connect speeds are usually quoted in Kb/s.

So, for instance, if a progress dialog for a modem shows you a download speed of 4.3 KB/s, it is the same as 34.4 Kb/s. If a progress dialog for a cable modem shows you a transfer speed of 100 KB/s, it is the same as 800 Kb/s.

We display our measured transfer speeds in Kb/s, to make them easier to compare with your rated line speed.

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How can I measure my Bandwidth usage?


You can monitor your bandwidth usage by logging in on, using the login details supplied at installation, click on "My Account" and fill in the login details supplied


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